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Dia Plus Vacuum Brazed Cup Wheel for Grinding Concrete, Epoxy, and Coatings

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$64.99 - $99.90
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Dia Plus Diamond Cup Wheels "Red Devils" for extremely aggresive grinding of concrete and removing coatings, paint, epoxy, wax, glue, and more. Available in 5 and 7 Inches

Dia Plus (MLVB) Multi-Layer Vacuum Brazed Diamond Cup Wheel incorporates brand new technology. The vacuum brazing isn't just on the very top of the diamond tool. Each diamond segment on the cup wheel is made entirely of multiple levels of vacuum-brazed diamonds. The concretre grinding disc is made for grinding concrete. The diamond cup wheel is a very aggressive concrete cutting disc and can also be used for stock removal of glue, epoxy, and coatings.

There are several advantages to using these grinding cup wheels. The first is how aggressive the cup wheel is on grinding concrete and coatings. Cutting speed and effectiveness are not the only features that make this diamond grinding cup wheel so great. The quality of the cut throughout the life and the actual life of the tool are unique compared to traditional vacuum brazed cup wheels. Standard concrete cup wheels are available in 5 and 7 inch. The prefect tool for cutting, grinding, and stock removal.