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Diamond Glass CMR Daily Polished Concrete Cleaner, Maintainer, and Refurbisher for densified or polished concrete






1 gallon

Diamond Glass Cleaner Maintainer 1 gallon jug



5 gallon

Diamond Glass Cleaner Maintainer 5 gallon 5 gallon bucket



55 gallon

Diamond Glass Cleaner Maintainer 55 gallon drum


Specifically designed to clean Densified Concrete and Densified Polished Concrete, UNIVERSAL POLISHING SYSTEMS CMR floor cleaner has been formulated to give maximum cleaning efficiency while being non-harmful to the floor surface.

2.) A unique formulation allows UNIVERSAL POLISHING SYSTEMS CMR to quickly attach to soils, oils, and greases, and uses "Lift and Hold" technology to remove soils from the floor leaving nothing behind but the "sheen" or "shine".

3.) CMR is free rinsing and does not leave residue on the floor to attract additional soil.

4.) CMR enhances the floor appearance by making the floor surface smoother. In combination with UNIVERSAL POLISHING SYSTEMS HURRICANE PADS, works to hone the floor to a smoother surface which reduces marking and soiling.

5.) CMR has been formulated for maximum efficiency and superior performance at the lowest possible dilution rate and use dilution cost.


  • Cleans better than standard cleaners (lift and hold technology) - saves time.
  • Enhances the floor appearance - achieves and retains a new look.
  • Not harmful to the floor surface - guarantees the floor warranty.
  • No sticky residues - the floor stays cleaner longer.
  • Extremely economical - Less cleans more at the lowest use dilution cost (1:128 US, 1:160 CAD).
  • Preps the floor for additional maintenance procedures to improve appearance or restore a worn appearance.


Mop and bucket: 1 oz. CMR per gallon of water

Auto Scrubber: 1 oz. CMR per gallon of water

Poulticing Stains/embedded Soiling: 4 oz. CMR per gallon of water


New And existing concrete, Densified Concrete, Decorative Concrete

Distribution Centers, Warehouses, Grocery Retailers, Industrial, Institutional & Commercial Flooring, Manufacturing Facilities, Hotels/Motels, Medical Facilities, Office Buildings, Schools, Retailers