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Diaplus 14mm Crown Turbo Array Blade

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Diaplus 14mm Crown Turbo Array Blade designed with the diamond placed in a certain pattern to ensure optimal even cutting performance throughout the life of the blade

Diaplus Crown Turbo Array Pattern Construction Blade is a general purpose blade. Features array pattern technology that will cut through concrete, brick, pavers, stone and more. Diaplus Korea has carefully engineered this blade to provide ultimate performance and life for a variety of applications. This top notch quality blade allows for faster cutting speeds and longer blade life with its supreme diamond placement. Diaplus XL Blade also comes in a 65 Array and Tornado Turbo Blade.


-Wet and Dry Cutting

-Arbor Size 1"

-Array Pattern Diamond to maximize life and performance

-Crown Turbo segments to provide ultimate precision for general purpose applications

-Made in Korea