Dragon Ring Saws designed for cutting concrete or block with a Ring Saw Blade

Features/Benefits (All Models):

  • The ONLY hand saw capable of cutting up to 16" deep in concrete or block
  • Best power transfer to blade-where it is needed
  • 1/3 less cutting cost than chain sawing
  • Eliminate over cuts on corners with this ring saw for concrete
  • Up to three times faster than chain sawing
  • Diamond blade life up to five times longer
  • Light weight

Specifications (All Models):

Minimum Blade Diameter: 16"
Maximum Blade Diameter: 20"
16" Blade Cutting Depth: 12"
20" Blade Cutting Depth: 16"
Blade Cooling: Water cool only (no dry cutting)

HDS60 Hydraulic Specifications:

PSI (pounds per square inch): 2000 (2500 Max)
Weight: 29.8 lbs.
Connections: 1/2" hose (appox. 12" length) 1/2" fittings

EDS60 Electric Motor Specifications:

Power head: Weka RS30
Power: 115V, 30A, 3200W 230V, 15A, 3200W
Overload: electronic
Weight: 34 lbs.
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