A right angle drum rotator provides an efficient way of maneuvering drums.

The manual design enables the user to precisely place the drum at the needed angle. With accessible fork pockets and a steel construction, once the drum is in place the user may situate the drum at variety of positions. The rotator itself contains a 1200 lb. capacity.

  • Built-in fork pockets for quick lifting
  • Hand crank design optimizes drum position
  • Clamps secure drum in place
  • Powder coated for a smooth finish

All measurements are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.

Drum Carrier Right Angle
Model Image Overall Size
Fork Pocket
Operation Net Wt.
DCR-RAR-12 28"x70"x12-1/2" 1,200 7-5/8"x2-5/8"/20" Hand Crank 262

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