Picking up and moving round items on standard flat forks is often difficult and always dangerous.

Now, with a fork set tilted to the center of the lifting unit, that difficulty is diminished. The inclined design of the forks creates a more stable lifting experience that limits movement and jostling of the products. Forks are constructed of steel and are simple to attach for immediate use. Powdercoat finish diminishes chances of possible product abrasion and adds a baked in toughness. Sold in pairs.

  • Design increases workplace safety
  • Sleek finish limits abrasions
  • Tilted design creates a concave configuration
  • Simple connecting to new or existing lifting units

All measurements are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.

Drum Roll Reel Forks
Model Image PDF Fits Overall Size
Color Sold As Wt.
SL-AA-DRR-FK - SL-AA Stackers 44"x12"x16" 1000 Pair 175
S-AA-DRR-FK - S-AA Stackers 44"x12"x16" 1000 Pair 175
S-2CB-DRR-FK - S-2CB Stackers 44"x12"x16" 1000 Pair 175
VHPS-DRR-FK - VHPS Stackers 44"x12"x16" 1000 Pair 175
SNM-DRR-FK - SNM Stackers 44"x12"x16" 1000 Pair 175

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