Dry Dust Collection Attachment For Wet and Dry Dust Collectors

Filter Project Dry Dust Collection Arm Attachment for the Filter Project Water Wall Wet Dust Collector and Automatic Dry Dust Collector Booth Systems

Filter Project Dry Dust Collector Arm is an optional attachment that compliments the Filter Project Dust Collector systems.

The Dust Collector Arm attaches to either the Water Wall Dust Collectors or the Automatic Dry Dust Collectors.
When using the arm the dust is vacuumed inside the arm and then funneled inside the Filter Project Dust Collectors and the dust is captured.

The Filter Project Dust Arm has its own separate motor system for creating vacuum. The Dust Collector Arm is wired into the Dust Collector main panel so a separate wire from the shop is not needed.
The Dust Collector Arm has its own separate on/off switch so the arm can be turned off even when only the Filter Project Dust Collector Cabin is in use. However, the Dust Collector Cabin must be on to use the Dust Collector Arm so that the dust is captured inside the machine.

Mobile Suction Arm Dust Collector Specifications:

Length: 28"
Width: 40"
Height 88 1/2"
Weight 176 lbs
Suction Power: 63,566 cf/h (1800m3/h
4 Swivel Wheels (2 with Locking Brakes)
Power: 220v 3 Phase. 20 amp
Power Outlet:3 110 volt on control panel
Mobile Arm Reach: Up to 102"

Filter Project Dry Dust Collector Arm can be used for all types of airborne particle:
Granite Dust Collection
Marble Dust Collection
Quartz Dust Collection
Quartzite Dust Collection
Concrete Dust Collection
Cultured Marble Dust Collection
Fiberglass Dust Collection
Porcelain Dust Collection