An electric hydraulic tandem scissor lift table is an exceptional asset in a variety of manufacturing and warehouse facilities.

With a tandem design, lifting and positioning items is now a simple and secure process. The durable steel construction allows lifting of both large and heavy items. A hand control is included, allowing the user to keep a distance from the lift for additional safety. AC powered with 460V 3 phase.

  • Dual scissor lifts for added strength
  • Open design allows loading and unloading from all sides
  • Variable height positions
  • Liquid paint finish
All measurements are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.
Electric Hydraulic Tandem Lifting Tables
Model Overall Size
Deck Size
EHLT-TL-30144-2-46 144"x30"x46" 144"x30" 2,000 10"-46" 892
EHLT-TL-48144-2-46 144"x48"x46" 144"x48" 2,000 10"-46" 933
EHLT-TL-30144-4-46 144"x30"x46" 144"x30" 4,000 10"-46" 945
EHLT-TL-48144-4-46 144"x48"x46" 144"x48" 4,000 10"-46" 1112
EHLT-TL-30180-2-58 180"x30"x58" 180"x30" 2,000 10"-58" 1219
EHLT-TL-48180-2-58 180"x48"x58" 180"x48" 2,000 10"-58" 1316
EHLT-TL-30180-4-58 180"x30"x58" 180"x30" 4,000 10"-58" 1543
EHLT-TL-48180-4-58 180"x48"x58" 180"x48" 4,000 10"-58" 1652

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