There are jobs where a standard electric pallet truck will suffice, but sometimes the job requires something unique.

With the single fork electric pallet truck that requirement is fulfilled. The one fork design enables users to pick up and transfer items with a single fork pocket that would previously be difficult to maneuver such as half size pallets or bulk containers. With a walk behind set-up, the controls are organized in an accessible central location on or near the driving handle. This unit is battery operated for consistent steady use. Powder-coated finish for baked in added toughness.

  • Single fork design
  • Compact design for crowded areas
  • Single handle control for precise positioning
  • Rolls smoothly over a variety of surfaces
All measurements are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.
Electric Pallet Truck with Single Fork
Model Image PDF's Overall Size
Capacity (lbs)
EPT-SF-1232-26 - 25-1/4"x57-1/2"x51" 2,600 3.1"to 7.625" 326

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