Anyone who has operated a fully loaded pallet truck knows the most strenuous part is starting the wheels rolling. These Pallet Trucks solve the back breaking problem.


Model PM5-2748-PA-Y: Pumping the handle of the pallet truck serves two purposes. First, it serves the traditional purpose of lifting the forks. Secondly, the travel direction is selected. By squeezing the hand-grip and pumping the handle, the truck will move in a reverse direction. When the hand-grip is in the downward position, raising the handle will propel the truck to move in a forward direction (direction of the forks), thus reducing the pushing/pulling force.

Model PM5-2748-ER-Y: Once powered drive is engaged by oscillating handle up and down, the truck accelerates with a minimum of operation force. Ideal in confined spaces making horizontal transportation of heavy loads easy and safe.

All measurements are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.
Ergonomic Power Assist Pallet Truck
Model Image PDFs Capacity
Fork Dim. Fork Service
PM5-2748-PA-Y icon_approvaldrawings.jpgCompliance Certificate 5,000 27"Wx48"L 3"to7-1/2" 220
Compliance Certificate 5,500 27"Wx48"L 2-7/8"to7-3/4" 265

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