Stone Lifting Clamp for lifting slabs of granite, marble, and other types of stone

Grip Range: 15mm-75mm

WLL: 2200 lbs

The powerful range of the Falcon Abaco Lifter is very dependable for lifting and moving loads slab form. Abaco Little Giant Lifter Integrates a spring-loaded latch releases the slab is moving there once fully lowered to the ground.


The Falcon lifter is ideal for slab yards deal with a variety of có stones on a daily basis. The clamping mechanism is at the front of the slab panels allow to be Closely Positioned Against the walls.


The compact design making it easy to lift the packed slabs out of containers and racks.


Just a slight movement of the slab, the slab engages and grips without too much effort, then preventing hazards to the operator from.

Designed to move one slab at a time