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FLAT LIFTER 300 Single Pad Vacuum Lifter designed for lifting heavy objects, glass, and stone


FL1 Lifter Series Full Specifications

Stock# Model# Description Load Capacity Power MSRP Price
97500 FL1HV11DC Battery power provides cord-free operation. 300 lbs [135 kg] DC $2,667.76
97505 FL1HV11AIR

Uses compressed air - never lose time charging batteries.

300 lbs [135 kg] Air $2,565.35

Corded, AC outlet powered lifter - never lose time charging batteries.

300 lbs [135 kg] AC

With a single vacuum pad for quick attachment and release, this Powr-Grip® vacuum lifter enables ergonomic handling of heavy loads by a single person.

Standard Pad Spread:
11" x 11" [279 x 279 mm]

Standard Vacuum Pad:
10" [25 cm] diameter, lipped pad

Maximum Load Capacity:
300 lbs [135 kg]

Weight of Lifter:
35 lbs [16 kg]

Standard Operating Power:
Compressed air, 2 SCFM [57 liters/minute] @ 80 psi [552 kPa]

Apply / Release Times:
2 seconds / 3 seconds (approx)

Load Movement:
Flat to flat

Standard Features:
Vacuum gauge
Vacuum line filter
Vacuum reserve tank

Load Capacity 300 lbs [135 kg]
Per-Pad Capacity 300 lbs [135 kg]
Pad Model HV11
Air Power Standard
Air Pressure 80
Apply Time (Air Powered) 2
Release Time (Air Powered) 3
Weight (Air Powered) 40
Manipulation F
Max Pad Spread (L) 11
Min Pad Spread (L) 11
Max Pad Spread (W) 11
Min Pad Spread (W) 11
Max Height 26.5
Min Ambient Temp 32°F [0° C]
Min Load Temp 32°F [0° C]
Max Ambient Temp 100° F [38° C]
Max Load Temp 100° F [38° C]

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