Unique design of forklift snow plow attachment attaches to forks. Pass through fork tubes keep weight back towards fork truck mast.

Locking pins secure snow plow to forks for safety. Manual pivot mechanism for angled plowing on both sides. Floating pads allow for adjustment of plowing height. Adjustable springs allow blade to pivot back for safety. Steel construction with baked in powder coat finish for added toughness. SPB-P-72 has box depth of 11-9/16".

All measurements of forklift snow pusher are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.
Fork Mounted Snow Plow
Model Image Description Wt.
SPB-N-72 Fork Truck Snow Plow with 72" Wide Blade 619
SPB-P-72 Fork Truck Snow Plow Push Box with 72" Wide Blade 653

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