Specially designed for taking core samples from roads or installing barrier posts and different kind of bollards

Due to it's compact design and the complete package, the KB 200 is easy to use for:

  • Core sampling in asphalt and concrete pavements
  • Coring out of gate valves
  • Coring to place barrier posts or different types of bollards
  • Coring for airfield lightning
  • Coring to place crash barriers or fences
  • Travel length: 24" (600 mm)
  • Twin column drill stand with road bases and roller guides
  • Pressurized 10 liter water tank
  • Exhaust gas hose, 4 m
  • Tool- and fastening kit included
  • Total weight with Stihl engine: 116lbs (53 kg)

The KB200 drill stand is also available with electric- or air motor.


KB200 - STIHL 2-stroke-engine
Motor STIHL 2-stroke-engine
Power 2,8 kW (3,8 PS)
RPM 600 min-1
Drilling Diameter Ø 4.25" (110) - 11" (280 mm)
Drill bit connection 1 1/4" Thread
Water connection Gardena
Order number 0295 202 2000