The economical solution in construction industry for the separation and filtration of drilling and sawing slurry

Powered 100% by air, the new SFP 8L is the portable solution for concrete slurry processing. Separation of solids and water allows for compliant disposal.

Consisting of four elements: container, chamber filter press, control unit and air compressor. Compact, simple to operate and efficient.

The included slurry box has a capacity of 140 gal (400 l) and can be used as cover during transport.

Because of its compact dimensions the SFP 8L can be used at each workplace.

Its innovative system and compact dimensions make thein.Slurryfoxin. an economical and ecological benefit.

GÖLZin.Slurryfoxin. is the new solution to compliant slurry disposal.

Innovative and environmentally friendly

  • Rugged and compact steel construction
  • Portable for jobsite processing
  • Reuse water multiple times
  • Solids can be recycled or disposed

Additional-Slurry box:

Dimensions - 48x32x31 inch

Recommended Air Compressor:

Air compressor - UNM 410 or (Ingersoll Rand P1.5IU-A9)

Motor - Single Phase 230 V, 2,2 kW (115 V- 1,5 kW)

Capacity - 340 l/min (89 gal/min)

Air pressure - 8 bar (116 psi)

Compressor Unit - 2 cylinder - 1.450 rpm