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Granite Fabrication Package Sale

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Sale on Granite Fabrication Package including tools for polishing, cutting, coring, gluing, and more

1.  Diamond Cutting Disc for Fast Cutting of Granite and Stone - (2) 5 and 6 inches

Features of Diamond Turbo Blade:

  • High diamond concentration & quality for extended life
  • Use on grinders or wet stone saws
  • Dry or wet use
  • Cooling holes extend life by cooling blade core
  • Made in Korea

Retail -$110

5" $23 x 2 = $46

6" $33 x 2 = $66


2.  Hercules Diamond Granite Blade  - 16"

The Dia Plus Hercules Blade is ideal for cutting granite, quartzite, and engineered stone. The diamond saw blade is available in 14",16",and 18". Cutting granite is made easy with the Hercules Diamond Blade. The Hercules Bridge Saw Blade has a silent core, 20mm segment height, and all the premium diamonds needed to cut granite smoothly and quickly.

Diamond Tool For Cutting Granite Features include:

  • Dia Plus presents the fastest and precise blade in the industry to date
  • The newly designed HERCULES blade by Dia Plus with 20mm Segment Height
  • Performs to ensure the fastest and cleanest cut on the market
  • Silent core to reduce noise when operating
  • Available in 14" - 18"
  • Made in Korea

Retail - $290


3.  Diamond Polishing Pads for premium wet polish on marble, granite, and stone

The diamond pads for polishing stone are strong but flexible. The stone pads are made flexible so they can not only polish the top of the stone, but can polishing the edges, corners, and cut out for sinks. The resin pad is made strong and thick for long lasting life, while keeping the flexibly. The design of the diamonds and the resin makes it optimal for a fast grinding, great polishing, and long lasting life.

The wet diamond polishing pads come in a variety of sizes. While the 4-inch polishing pad is most popular, Dia Plus Wet Pads are available in 3, 4, and 5 inches. These are wet pads and designed to be used with water. The granite polishing pads are to be used on an angle grinder or polisher. The granite pads are to be used with a backer pad for easy attachment. These diamond grit-polishing pads are sold separately or can be combined in a set or with a wet polisher. These great pads for polishing granite countertops, marble stone, and other stones such as travertine, limestone, sandstone, and terrazzo are available now.

Our top quality polishing pad with unmatched performance than no other
Engineered with high diamond concentration for use on granite, marble and natural stone
Premium quality serves for long life and efficient use
Reduce polishing time with efficient use of these high quality, flexible pads

Retail - $12 x 7 = $84

4.  Poseidon 3-Step Polishing System 


  • 3 Step
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Other natural stones
  • Engineered stone
  • Concrete
  • 4-inches in diameter, new and improved hook and loop backing, extremely flexible and extremely effective!

Retail - $48


    5.  Dia Plus Dry Core Bit | Hole Saw For Granite (1-3/8")(1-1/4")

    Dia Plus dry core bit is designed to easily go through granite, quartzite, and engineered stone. The dry core bits have holes on the side to allow heat to escape, keeping the bit cool and working hard. It has diamond side protection on the side of the hole saw to allow for cutting throughout the drilling process. The dry core bits come in a variety of sizes to fit your fabrication needs.

    The Diamond tool store Supreme Black Dry Bit is manufactured in Korea and is made with the highest quality diamonds in the industry. The Diamonds are located on the inside and outside of the core bits barrel that reduces friction, which in turn results in lower heat and less drag. The reduced heat allows the bit to preform at higher RPMS without decreasing the life of the bit.


    Features for the Dia Plus Dry Diamond Core Bit - Diamond Drilling

    • This T segment dry core bit is the fastest and cleanest core bit we have ever tested to date
    • For use on Granite and other natural stones
    • Wet or dry use.
    • Use with water to prolong the life
    • 5/8"-11 thread
    • Vacuum Brazed side diamonds makes for extremely fast cutting

    Retail - $50 + $45.32 = $95.32


    6.  Stone Pro Impregnating Sealer - Pro Sealer

    Features of Impregnator Sealer:

    • Water and oil repellent
    • V.O.C. compliant
    • Provides long-lasting protection
    • Provides top of the line penetration for polished marble, travertine, and terrazzo surfaces

    Retail - $88


    7.  Tenax Polyester Resin Stone Glue - Transparent Flowing and Knife Grade

    Tenax stone adhesive from Italy are our best selling stone adhesive for granite, marble, and other stone types. These stone adhesives come in clear, white, buff and solid or transparent. Tena Stone Glue is a granite epoxy trused in the industry by fabricators all over the country. The Tenax Adhesive is a two part stone glue.

    Retail - $14 x 2 = $28

    8.  Ratchet Seem Setter - Pair of 2


    • Suction Lifter (Double Cups)
    • Horizontal Maximum Suction: 110lb (50kg)
    • Diameter: 125 mm (4.9 inches)
    • Net Weight: 1.6 kgs
    • Material: Aluminum, Rubber                                                                      

    9.  5 Inch Light Stone Cup Wheel

    • Ultra light cup wheel for less drag on angle grinder and individual
    • Multi-Layer Vacuum Brazed Technology
    • Fast removing of stone, fiberglass, and coatings
    • Smooth scratch pattern that allows to cut like a course aluminum cup wheel but leave the scratch pattern of a medium to fine grit
    • New technology to separate and outperform competition
    Retail - $60

    10.  Wooden Mixing Sticks

    Use to mix and apply your adhesives.

    Retail - $15



    11.  Tenax Razor Blades - 5 Pack

                                                                            Retail - ($5.20 x 5 = $26)

    12.  Shop Apron

                                                                                                  Retail - $14.99