Concrete Diamond Saw Blade available in 4 to 14 Inches

This Concrete Diamond Blade is laser welded and to be used with water or without water. With 12mm segment height, durability is better than other blades in this category. This diamond saw blade is made especially for cutting concrete, green concrete, and harder materials. The concrete blade can be used with a concrete cutter or gas saw. We offer different diamond saw blades for concrete and different types of concrete saws. We even have package deals for the saw and the blades. One of our most popular sizes is the 14 inch concrete saw blade.

Item# Size Arbor Segment Height RPMS
GSLW0410 4" 1" 12mm N/A
GSLW0450 4.5" 1" 12mm N/A
GSLW0510 5" 1" 12mm N/A
GSLW0610 6" 1" 12mm N/A
GSLW0710 7" 1" 12mm N/A
GSLW1010 10" 1" 12mm N/A
GSLW1210 12" 1" 12mm N/A
GSLW1410 14 1" 12mm N/A