Air Bag Scissor Lift Tables use factory air for clean, dependable, maintenance free operation. Designed to raise products up to an ergonomic working height.

Safety features include pressure relief valve and pinch point guard. Models ABLT-1000 and ABLT-2000 come standard with a foot control. Incoming air must be clean, dry, and regulated to 80 psi (min.). Requires 1/2" incoming airline. Standard features include adjustable upper travel limit valve, state-of-the-art lifetime lubricated bearings, and maintenance prop. Filter required. Other sizes available, contact factory.

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Heavy-Duty Air Bag Scissor Lift Table
Model Image PDFs Platform
ABLT-1000 icon_warranty.jpgCompliance Certificate 48"x32" 1,000 33" 9" 357
ABLT-2000 icon_warranty.jpgCompliance Certificate 48"x32" 2,000 33" 9" 630