With 20 tons of force, the Edwards Horizontal Press accepts a great variety of tooling to form, brake, and straighten mild steel.

This compact powerhouse quickly connects to your Edwards Ironworker with a PowerLink System or Edwards Portable Power Unit to greatly expand your fabrication capabilities. Designed for maximum tooling flexibility, the 4 pin locations are locked with a simple crank for inboard tool squaring. The included digital encoder reads positive stop for accurate repeatability. The potential of this tool is only limited by your imagination.




Standard Motor 5 HP 3~ 208 V or 230 V

1725 RPM 14 A

Optional Motors 5 HP 3~ 460 V

1725 RPM 7 A

5 HP 3~ 575 V

1725 RPM 6 A

5 HP 1~ 230 V

1725 RPM 23 A

Hydraulic Pump 13.3 LPM - 1 Stage

Valve Pressure 18960.6 kPa

Reservoir 26.5 Liters


Rating 20 Tons

Cylinder 57.15mm Ram

Stroke 254mm

Work Height 965.2mm-1016mm

Table Dimensions 609.6mm x 1066.8mm

Weight 612.35 kg


Pin Diameter 50.8mm

Dimensions 248.66mm min to 343.91mm max 

(tool chuck to pin centers)

Pin Height 152.4mm max

(standard tooling)

Tooling Head 12.7mm T Nut/Set Screw &

American Standard Brake Punch Tooling