TXP Extreme Twister Pad is a diamond pad for removing scratches, grinding, restoring, stripping, and maintaining floors

Strip and restore - All without chemicals! It's so versatile that no matter what task, the TXP is the best choice. TXP - Twister Xtreme Pads is the new innovation from Twister. Like all Twister pads, TXP contains billions of microscopic Diamonds.

TXP enables stripping of floor finishes, stain and etch repair and even light honing of different flooring surfaces. This revolutionary pad will perform exceptionally fast and efficient when stripping and restoring. Since the lifespan is extensive you can strip up to 10,000 - 40,000+ sq. ft. with just one pad!

The TXP is a problem solver for natural stone or concrete floors that have been etched or stained. With just water, everything can be accomplished without using harmful chemicals. TXP cost savings; eliminates extra time consuming steps and chemicals. It is the complete solution to tackle heavy-duty tasks. TXP strips or restores in one easy process.

On heavily guarded, coated or finished floors, TXP can be used to deep scrub or strip the floors prior to re-coating. Lifespan in these applications is 100,000 up to 500,000 square feet. On stone or concrete floors, TXP can be used for stain and etch repair, light honing and floor preparation. The TXP pad is recommended wherever someone was previously using tools in the 100 to 400 grit range. TXP is as aggressive as a 100, but leaves the floor as refined as a 400. Since this pad is often used as the first step in a restoration, it takes a beating and usually has a lifespan on stone and concrete of 50,000 up to 200,000 square feet.

Intended use: The pad is developed to be used for heavy duty tasks such as stripping of coated floors, light honing and restoring of hard floors.

Durability and limitations: Lifespan up to 4 000 m 2 (when used in stripping resilient floors). Sizes: 12-20",24",27",14"*20",14"*28" and 14"*32" Other sizes and shapes available upon request.

Product Characteristics:

  • Pad color: Red, Orange, Blue, Gray
  • Marking: All markings are on one side of the pad (opposite side to the diamond impregnations). The markings consist of "Twister" "TXP", the dimension in inches, "Machine Side" and "The original Diamond Pad"
  • Centre hole: Pre-cut at 3 ¼” (82,6mm)

Special Features: Mechanical heavy duty cleaning method using only water in the cleaning. No chemicals required. Works on both coated and uncoated floors. Twister replaces traditional chemical-based cleaning methods using the same routines and machines but with diamonds instead of traditional abrasives thus maintaining the floor surface in the daily cleaning resulting in a less environmental impact and lower overall cleaning costs. Twister fits all cleaning machines.

Nonwoven pad made from recycled PET blend with natural hair impregnated with microscopic diamonds bound in resin. Diamond abrasive applied on one side of the pad. Thickness of the pad is approximately one inch. Shape and outer diameter varies