Hurricane Floor Polishing Pads - Diamond coated pads for polishing terrazzo, marble, concrete, and general purpose

Hurricane pads burnish, polish and maintain. They are designed for durability and longevity for a wide variety of applications. The Terrazzo Polishihg Pads are diamond coated throughout the entire pad creating a stronger, wear and tear resistant pad at an economical price. The Floor Polishing Pads use diamond powders provide extended life due to the ability to use either side creating a stronger, more durable tool for most flooring situations


These are primarily used as a burnishing pad for high speed burnishing machines to create the heat needed in the application of most guards or sealers specified in concrete polishing. The versatility and diamond coating in the pad also make it the ideal tool for cleaning and/or maintaining floors of most types including CVT, natural stone and concrete. When used in a regular maintenance program the Hurricane Pad is extraordinary. The pads may be used wet or dry and is available in various sizes to meet most maintenance machines including swing type and automatic floor scrubbing machines. The materials hold up well to harsh chemicals including mild acids used to etch floors. The variety of grits available makes it an ideal pad for scrubbing and buffing all types of flooring.


Hurricane Diamond Polishing Pads are ideal for burnishing, cleaning, refurbishing, buffing, and maintaining concrete and terrazzo as well as restoration and maintenance on natural stone floors of all types. The 5" is used by many countertop fabricators to clean, buff and finish many varieties of countertops.

On flat, dense surfaces, the coverage should generally range from 10,000 to 20,000 square feet per pad.

  • 200 Grit - Yellow
  • 400 Grit - Silver
  • 800 Grit - Green
  • 1,500 Grit - Red
  • 3,000 Grit - Black
  • Diameters: 5", 7", 9", 11", 13", 17", 20", 25", 27"
  • Thickness: 1 Inch
  • Max. Speed: 3,000 RPM
  • Use WET or DRY