EZ SL Wood The New Diamond Tool Series for Wood Grinding

EZ SL Wood is the new diamond tool series for wood grinding from HTC.

The diamond tools EZ SL 30 and 50 are used to remove old lacquer and oil, and for levelling of uneven floors. The tools should always be used with flexible tool holders. When old finish has been removed from the floor, switch to sandpaper and continue grinding with finer grit sizes. Download the EZwood™ grinding guide for more information and our latest recommendations for wood grinding.


EZ SL 30
EZ SL 30 Wood
Item Number: 593345001

A coarse tool. A tool for levelling of uneven floors, e.g. duckboards, and removal of thick lacquer.

EZ SL 50
EZ SL 50 Wood
Item Number: 212187

Recommended starting tool for most floors when removing lacquer and oil.

EZ SL 70
EZ SL 70 Wood
Item Number: 212343

A finer step to be used before switching to abrasive paper and applying lacquer.