The Husqvarna HTC T5 Grinder is the smallest machine in the range of grinders with Duratiq technology. This is an ultra-compact and powerful planetary grinder with three grinding discs suitable for all types of grinding jobs and is available with either a 2.2 or 4 kW motor version. Just as the large models with Duratiq Technology, this Husqvarna Grinding Machine is equipped with an intuitive digital control panel that provides all the control and precision you need to maximise machine performance. The dustproof design of the grinding head and electrical cabinet, along with the precision of the heavy duty components, provides high reliability and increased grinding precision. The chassis can be easily separated from the grinding head and weights dismounted prior to transport.


Rated input power 5.4 hp
Output power 5.4 hp
Phases 3 ph
Weight 394 lbs


HTC T5 (4 KW)

HTC T5 (4 KW) 4 KW | 3X440-480 V | 50-60 HZ | US | W

967 86 36‑18

HTC T5 (4 KW) 4 KW | 3X220-240 V | 50-60HZ | US | W

967 86 36‑21

Output power (As rated by the engine/motor manufacturer) 5.4 hp 5.4 hp
Output power 5.4 hp 5.4 hp
Power source Electric Electric
Rated input power 5.4 hp 5.4 hp
Phases 3 ph 3 ph
Voltage 440-480 V 220-240 V
Rated current 10 A 16 A
Frequency 50-60 Hz 50-60 Hz
Pins 3P+N+E 3P+E
Number of grinding discs 3 3
Direction of rotation Both directions Both directions
Grinding disc diameter 9 in 9 in
Type of operation Push Push
Product size length 39 in 39 in
Product size width 22.2 in 22.2 in
Product size height 28.1" 28.1"
Weight 394 lbs 394 lbs