Husqvarna Walk Behind Floor Saw 5000 Diesel Walk Behind Flat Saw - 3 Speed

The modern FS 5000 D is a powerful diesel walk-behind flat saw with low emissions, developed to be compliant with Tier 4 regulations. Ideal for concrete and asphalt cutting up to 14 3/4" deep. Suitable for mid-sized road work, service work and smaller jobs that require high production rates. It is highly versatile thanks to its high output, compact size and good maneuverability. It is equipped with an intuitive and ergonomic digital control panel with all important functions, and is easy to monitor.

5000 D Single Speed Saw also available

Cutting depth, max - 14.75 in
Output power (As rated by the engine/motor manufacture) - 47.6 hp
Blade diameter, max - 36 in

Tech Specs D26 D30 D36
Maximum Blade Diameter - in (mm) 26 (660) 30 (762) 36 (914)
Maximum Depth of Cut - in (mm) 10-1/2 (267) 12-1/2 (305) 15 (381)
Average Bladehshaft, RPM 3100/2180/1870 2660/1800/1570 2260/1850/1360
Blade Range 14/ 18/ 26 18 / 26 / 30 20 / 30 / 36
Blade Flanges - in (mm) 5 (127) 5 (127) 6 (152)
Max Weight Crated 1,821 (826) 1,830 (830) 1,843 (835)
Max Weight Uncrated 1,711 (776) 1,725 (782) 1,738 (788)

Want to take a closer look? Learn more about the product in depth by exploring its features and benefits.

Powerful and fuel-efficient
Common-rail diesel engine with low emissions.

Low emissions
Equipped with diesel particle filter (DPF). Complies with Stage IIIB / Tier 4 regulations.

All important functions are easy to reach and monitor, such as blade rpm, forward speed, electronic tracking, depth gauge, belt and pulley ratios, runtime and service minder.

Easy adjustment of tracking for straight cuts
Electric tracking system includes position indicator on the display, it can automatically return to neutral position and has the ability to memorise last used setting.

Adjustable handlebars, intuitive control layout, easy manouvrability and low vibrations facilitate operation and reduce user-fatigue.

Convenient transport between truck and work site
The blade clutch makes it possible to stop the blade when the engine is still running, for safe transportation.

Easy to operate
Well-balanced design with a low profile gives you high visibility and makes it easy to handle and transport.

Low maintenance

The Intelli Seal blade shaft system allows for a minimum of 250 maintenance-free hours without daily greasing of bearings.

Optimized weight distribution

Helps maintain traction and gives comfortable operation.

Adjustable and telescopic pointer

Provides good visibility when cutting and can be folded for transport.

Quick dis-engagement at blade slam

When thermal expansion of the concrete causes the blade to pinch in the kerf of the cut you can dis-engage the blade with the blade clutch.

Optimized display visibility

Automatic adjustment of the display back light makes the display readable in all light conditions.

Highly versatile 3-speed version

Optimal power and speed for a wide range of blade diameters; ideal when jobs require use of multiple blade sizes.

Output power (As rated by the engine/motor manufacture) 47.6 hp
Engine cooling Liquid /Air
Fuel tank volume 828.4 fl oz

Cutting equipment
Arbor diameter 1 in
Blade depth control Electro hydraulic
Blade diameter, max 36 in
Cutting depth, max 14.75 in
Transmission speed forward 122 fpm

Product size height 52.4 in
Weight 1700 lbs