Hyper Grinder Hyperlevi 645 VS Top Machine

HG Hyperlevi 645 VS Top Machine is a multi-functional, incredibly versatile and powerful single-phase grinder. The planetary gear H1200 with three 5.5 inch tools guarantees speed of excision and the best finish even in tight spaces. The H1200 Planetarium is equipped with elastic couplings on each disc, guaranteeing maximum reliability even on the most rough floors. The H1200 Planetarium is released in a few seconds to give place to brushes or draggers for abrasive discs, 17 inches in diameter, widening the fields of use.

Ideal for all types of flooring and workmanship, from polishing marble, granite, stoneware, terrazzo, concrete, industrial flooring as well as the preparation of floors and surfaces, removal of resins and glues and other types of treatments.

  • Efficient
  • Versatile
  • Speed
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Patented Planetarium mono-rotating
  • Work wheels and amortized trolley
  • Quick and safe tool insertion
  • Speed Variation - to maximize performance in any situation
  • Extra 220 V outlet - on the back of the handle rod
  • Use dedicated weights to grind and polish even the hardest stones
  • Carriage Kit with foam wheels with large diameter
  • Planetary with new tempered gears for maximum reliability

Easy to carry in the workplace, it also splits quickly into 3 parts.

Includes K1200 Planetary, water tank, pad holder, brush, directional and standard wheels.


Motor Watt Max - 3000

Volt - 220

Hertz - 60

Working Width - 450 mm

Water Tank - 18 Liter

Dimensions - 65 x 135 x 49 cm

Weight - 271 lbs