Creating efficient shipping and receiving areas just got easier! With the addition of a scale fixed directly onto the scissor lift surface, weighing and lifting products is significantly streamlined.

The scale fits squarely onto the scissor lift platform with no overhang. A functional weight readout screen mounted to a stabilizing pedestal is also included. Approximately 4-1/4" is added to the overall height to the scissor lift table when scale is in place.

Custom sizes available through special order. Contact Sales for details.

  • Validate number of pieces or parts
  • Know exactly how much weight is on your table
  • Bolt-on corner retainers
  • No holes or bolting required
  • Installs and removes in seconds
  • Expedite your shipping & palletizing process
  • Available in 36" x 36", 48" x 48", and 48" x 60" platform tops (rests on top of table)
  • Adds approximately 4-1/4" to overall height
  • Scale functions: zero weight and tare weight
  • Weighing units: pounds or kilograms
  • Indicator mounted on pedestal, 110VAC
  • Scale capacity, maximum 5,000 lb.
  • Scissor table not included, select next higher capacity scissor table
All measurements are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.
Integral Scale For Scissor Tables
Model Dimensions
Capacity (lbs) Weight
SCALE-MU-3636-5-BL 36"x36"x4.25" 5,000 228
SCALE-MU-4848-5-BL 48"x48"x4.25" 5,000 341
SCALE-MU-4860-5-BL 48"x60"x4.25" 5,000 399