The SC-series of Heavy Duty Scraper are excellent for roofs and general use such as removing ice, flooring, adhesives, and more.


The SC-series scraper blades are made of martensite spring steel for increased strength, holding up against tough materials. Available with either knob handle or "D"-style handle.


  • 3.5″ Scraper blade made of hardened spring steel for increased strength
  • Knob handle or optional D-style handle for easy grip
  • Replacement blades available (sold separately as Model #SCR-305 or #SCR-710)
Model Overall Dimensions L x W Diameter Weight
SC-30 52" x 3.5" 1.25" 6 lbs.
SC-30D 56" x 5.5" 1.25" 8 lbs.
SC-70 52" x 7" 1.25" 8 lbs.
SC-70D 56" x 7" 1.25" 10 lbs.