Jescraft Pro Lite Recessed Back Bumper Drywall Cart - Professionals choice for easy use

Jescraft is an industry leading when it comes to drywall dollies. The drywall carts or dollies have several purpose other than drywall. It can be used to move drywall, sheetrock, panels, and stone. The Stone Cart of Granite Slab Cart is used by stone fabrication shops everywhere.

Jescraft's new PRO-LITE line is the professional's choice for extremely lightweight, easy-to-maneuver drywall carts. In fact, PRO-LITE carts are the lightest weight professional drywall carts in the industry!

All six models in the PL-100 Series feature a front bumper with a recessed inset back bumper for negotiating narrow passages and turning tight corners. Choose the standard 12" deck or the extra-wide 18" deck to move heavy loads. You can also select the overall width that best suits your usage requirements: 20" for narrow hallways; 24" for added stability; and 28" if you opt for the wide-body deck.

To reduce the weight of your PRO-LITE cart even more, order the lightweight EZ-Glide UHMW polyethylene deck instead of the steel deck. The smooth surface of the EZ-Glide deck allows material to slide on and off easily. Durable and long-lasting, the EZ-Glide deck can be replaced easily after years of abuse.

Granite Slab Cart Features:

  • 100 Series: Front bumper w/recessed inset back bumper
  • Two deck materials: Steel or EZ-Glide UHMW polyethylene
  • Two deck widths: 12" or 18" wide-body
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Strong, all-welded tubular steel frame and struts
  • High-performance, non-marking 8" elastomer casters
  • Holds 3,200 to 3,600 lbs. (based on deck size)

Common Uses

  • Transporting drywall, sheetrock, wallboard, and granite
  • Transporting sheets of paneling and plywood
PL-120U Front bumper w/ recessed inset back bumper 45" x 20" x 48.5" 40" x 9.5" UHMW Polyethylene 60LBS 3200LBS
PL-128U Front bumper w/ recessed inset back bumper, wide-body deck 48" x 28" x 48.5" 48" x 18" UHMW Polyethylene 71LBS 3600LBS