Stock Angle Grinder With Protection Cover

The Stock Angle Grinder With Protection Cover is a tool in the bush hammering line of equipment designed to work in conjunction with other bush hammering texturing tools from Weha.

This Angle Grinder is designed to be used in conjunction with the following bush hammering tool lines:

  • Stripe-Scratcher
  • Line-Scratcher

Line-Scratcher Limestone or Marble Scratching Tool

The Line-Scratcher is a tool designed for manual scratching machines. The teeth of the Line-Scratcher can be turned 3 times in the upright position and 3 times after being inverted. Thus, allowing all 6 of the corners to be fully worn.

Additionally, the type and width can be adjusted on the tool. And the innovative features of the Line-Scratcher along with its high quality components allow an exceptional cost:performance ratio for the tools.

  • Very Easy to Use
  • Includes Mounting Accessories &Technical Instruction
  • Perfectly Even Scratching of Entire Surface
  • High Productivity With Minimal Investment
  • Size of Center Hole Upon Request