Increase your mixing performance with the Rubi M-160-R 6 3/4" LONG Mixer Paddle

RUBI has a wide range of rods to mix cementation mortars and other high density or low fluidity materials.

This range of mortar mixer rods has an M14 x 2 threaded connections, adaptable directly to all RUBIMIX electric mixers and the vast majority of other brands.

Mixing rods for cement mortars have a head designed to perform a bottom-up movement. With the mixing rods for mortars, the material ascends, at low speed, inside the head of the rod, to descend the outside of it.

This action allows the homogeneous mixing of highly viscous materials such as mortars, cements and especially improved cementation adhesives (type C2) for ceramic tile. This head design allows the user to work with less effort and greater mobility.

The 3H rods have a propeller head with 3 blades for greater mixing efficiency.

This design increases the performance by 15% compared to the 2-blade propeller head.

In addition, during mixing, the effort for the electric mixer is reduced, achieving greater durability for the electro portable tool.

The 3-blade head generates less vibration, so the user can work with a higher level of comfort.

In RUBI we know the way of working in each country of the world, we know the requirements of the ceramic setters and we have the knowledge of all the materials that are used for the installations and reforms. For these reasons RUBI is a recognized brand and clearly focused on a professional and very demanding sector. That is why RUBI puts at your disposal all the knowledge and experience to manufacture high precision tools. The high demands of our customers and the market makes us put all our experience to design tools and products for cutting and laying the ceramic tile in the most accurate way


  • To mix cement mortars.
  • M14 x 2 thread connection.
  • Adaptable directly RUBIMIX-9/9 PLUS and other brands.


M-160 R 3H mortar mixer paddle

  • Ref. - 76940
  • EAN-13 - 8413797769401
  • Mixing capacity - 66-132 lbs
  • Rod's head diametre - 6.2"
  • Max Height of the head - 23.6"