Marble Polishing Package including Diamond Polishing Pads, Polish, and Crystalizer

Marble Polishing Package Sale Includes:

1. Pink Floor Polishing Pads - Diamond coated pads for polishing terrazzo, marble, concrete, stone, and general purpose - Set of (7) 17 Inch (50 grit - 3,000 grit)

Pink pads burnish, polish and maintain. They are designed for durability and longevity for a wide variety of applications. The Terrazzo Polishing Pads are diamond coated throughout the entire pad creating a stronger, wear and tear resistant pad at an economical price. The Floor Polishing Pads use diamond powders provide extended life due to the ability to use either side creating a stronger, more durable tool for most flooring situations

2. EMP Easy Marble Polish excellent for polishing and restoring marble and travertine - works on floors, countertops, and walls - 3 lbs

Stone Pro's EMP stands for Easy Marble Polish. Excellent for polishing marble, travertine, all calcite based stone, and terrazzo. This is great for cleaning marble, marble polishing, and marble restoration. Can be used on floors, countertops and walls. For use with hogs hair pads.

V-2 Marble Crystallization for polishing marble floors

VMC V-2 Marble Crystallization is a chemical used to polish marble floors. V-2 is a vilification liquid (pink) for general purpose on marble and other types of flooring. Recommended for polishing marble floors with a light colored materials, worn areas, and maintenance. Marble Floor Polishing made easy with crystallization.

Special Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Extends life of polished stones
  • Greatly reduces the need for restoration
  • Requires much less time as compared to traditional strip and wax methods
  • Non scuffing
  • Gives a mirror-like polish