Marine Blowers are used for degassing of tanker ships. 

These fans are driven by water pressure from fire fighting hoses aboard ships.  The exhaust water can be sent overboard or piped back into the water supply system.

These blowers can be used for supply or exhaust degassing.

2″ Water Driven fan with a stainless steel water motor and 2-1/2″ NST (male) connectors.

  • Butterworth Flange for mounting.
  • Used for degassing ship holds or tanks.
  • Stainless steel water motor housing.
  • Brass impeller.
  • Standard unit supplies air into tank.
  • Optional fan blade for exhausting air from tanks. 
  • Heat treated to T6 aircraft aluminum specifications.
  • 150 PSI maximum working pressure


  • Butterworth Flange Diameter = 18″
  • Weight = 56 lbs.
  • Water Motor Inlet/Outlet = 2″ FPT
  • Water Hose Connector = 2-1/2″ NST (male)
  • Max. Water Pressure = 150 PSI
  • Net shipping weight = 62 lbs.