Metabo KFM 9-3 RF (601751750) Bevelling Tool is a Compact metal beveling tool for 45° chamfers and radii of 2 to 3 mm at visible edges

  • Compact metal beveling tool for 45° chamfers and radii of 2 to 3 mm at visible edges
  • Surfaces free from oxide and burrs as ideal preparation for the application of powder or paint coatings for maximum protection from corrosion
  • One-touch controller: Patented, tool-free setting of the cutting depth in 0.1" steps; stop points for short setting times, and protection against unintentional adjustment of the cutting depth when working
  • Slim cutter head with standard carbide indexable inserts and ball-bearing stationary seal ring for working in tubes and in curves
  • Guide stop for uniform finish and high quality of the surface when processing straight sheets
  • Metabo Long-life motor with patented dust protection for long service life
  • Vario-Constamatic (VC)-Full wave electronics with thumbwheel for working with materials requiring customized speeds, which remain almost constant under load
  • Electronic safety shutdown of the motor for safe working in case the tool stops unexpectedly
  • Electronic overload protection, soft start and restart protection
  • Slim housing for ideal handling
The machine shown may differ in equipment and technical details depending on the configuration.
Kindly pay attention to delivery scope and product description.
Accessories included only if listed in the delivery scope.
No-load speed
4500 - 11500 RPM
Rated input power
900 W
Output power
470 W
Type of edges
chamfer and radius
Max. chamfer width 45°
1/4 "
Max. chamfer height at 45°
5/32 "
Possible radii
R2 / R3
Grade cutting depth setting
0.004 mm
Curvature smallest internal Ø
13 mm
Weight (without power cable)
5.5 lbs
Cable length
13 "
Noise emission
Sound pressure level
87 dB(A)
Sound power level (LwA)
98 dB(A)
Uncertainty of measurement K
3 dB(A)