MG6000 Rocklift has a 6000 pound capacity model will handle objects from 15 to 40 inches in diameter.

  • 6,000 pound capacity
  • weighs 325 pounds
  • handles objects from 15 to 40 inches in diameter
  • 102 inches height requirement
WEIGHT 325 lbs
DIMENSIONS 48 × 48 × 71 in


The MG6000 Rocklift will move irregular shapes such as rocks and boulders. The Rocklift is a triple tine mechanical grapple that requires no hydraulics to operate. This 6000 pound capacity model will handle objects from 15 to 40 inches in diameter.

These rock lifting tongs are fully automatic which gives the operator complete control when it is to grip or release the load. The three serrated tines contacting the load allow for a very stable lift cycle every time. After the operator lowers the rock into place, the center tube of the lifter will engage the internally-housed actuator. Once this actuation occurs, the operator can begin lifting the Rocklift. As the tines become free, it will slide back to the default open position to allow for next lift cycle.

The Rocklift mechanical grapple also excels at picking up brush and debris, especially in hard to reach places such as deep ditches or ravines. Rock lifting grapples are an extremely versatile attachment that allows contractors the ability to make easy work out of otherwise difficult tasks. It hooks up to any machine with the rated capacity with a sling and shackle assembly such as our Rigmax.

The Rocklift is available in models to handle capacities from 3,000 to 12,000 pounds, with custom models also available. Do you have an even more unique project to complete? Check out our custom lifting equipment. Height restrictions may apply.


MG3000 160 lbs
72.5748 kg
3000 lbs
1360.777 kg
0 - 30 inches
0 - 76.2 cm
74.38 inches
188.91 cm
MG6000 325 lbs
147.418 kg
6000 lbs
2721.554 kg
15- 40 inches
38.1 - 101.6 cm
102 inches
259.08 cm
MG12000 880 lbs
399.161 kg
12000 lbs
5443.108 kg
24 - 60 inches
60.96 - 152.4 cm
147 inches
373.38 cm