Vacuum Brazed Concrete Diamond Tools for grinding and removing concrete, coatings, epoxy, glue, paint, and more!

Step 1 and Step 2 - Step One Vacuum Brazed Grit is 70/80 but cuts like a traditional metal 16 grit and leaves the profile of 70/80 grit diamond. Step two is 70/80 Vacuum Brazed Tool which cuts like a traditional 32 grit and leaves the profile of 120 grit metal diamond.

Dia Plus Multi Layered Vacuum Brazed Trapezoids are for grinding concrete. The concrete diamond discs or "shoes," are used for concrete floor prep, grinding concrete, or stock removal of coatings, glue, paint, and epoxy. These tools for grinding concrete leave a great profile and typically offer a much a faster work time. The dotted trapezoids are designed to perform multiple steps in one. Save time and money with the proper concrete grinding tools.

The floor segments are magnetic and can easily attach to a floor machine. Some floor machines require special plates or attachment for grinding tools. We not only offer the diamond tooling for floor machine, but offer different plate attachments to help get the job done with your current machine.

Features of Vacuum Brazed Diamond Tools:

  • Vacuum Brazed Diamond technology designed to remove any kind of surface

  • Proven to grind the HARDEST of concretes

  • Several Tools In One

  • Save Time

  • Smooth Cutting

  • Very aggressive with ability to grind any application to reduce half time of workload

  • Coatings Removal

  • Grinding Concrete

  • Long lasting life

  • Made in Korea

Step Color Mesh Benefits Scratch Pattern
Step 1 Red #40/50G Cut/Grinds like #16-16G Metal #80G
Step 2 Black #40/50G Cut/Grinds like #50G Metal #120G