Permanent Galvanized Stay in Place Concrete Forming System

Applications for OCM Mesh Form are: Pedestal Foundations; Retaining Walls; Steel Tower Foundations; Wind Force Power Generator Foundations; Under- ground beams, footings, pressure-proof panels, concrete stoppers, mat foundations and all concrete structures constructed on the ground.


Sheet Size

27” x 97”


18 Sq Ft/Sheet


250 Sheets/4500 Sq Ft per Skid

V-Ribs 8 per Sheet and 3/4” Deep and 3 7/8” on Center

Tie Wire Spacing


Support Spacing (20” High Pour)

24” at 210 psf

Sheet Thickness

26 Ga (0.0217 Inch, Including Galvanizing)

Weight per Sq Ft

0.66 lbs

Weight per Sheet

11.90 lbs per Sheet

Installation Notes

OCM Mesh Form rule of thumb is to brace Mesh Form like you would a piece of plywood.

The use of rebar, strongbacks, walers, kickers, etc. (location, size and spacing) is similar to that for con- ventional forming methods per ACI 347, Guide to Formwork for Concrete.


  • 4”-8” minimum lap between running OCM Mesh Form sheets.
  • 2-rib minimum lap between stacked OCM Mesh Form sheets.
  • Tie wire around rib and bracing is recommended.
  • Bracing where sheets lap is also recommended.
  • Attach OCM Mesh Form to bracing with wire, Staples, roofing nails or similar.
  • North ribs to make 90 degree turns; ribs face into the concrete pour.
  • Cut OCM Mesh Form sheets with a grinder, Cutoff saw, abrasive blade or tin snips.