Pro Lift Automatic is a cart dolly used for countertop installation

Pro-Lift Automatic

The Pro-Lift Automatic provides a safer means of stone transportation and installation. It has been designed to reduce physical strain and risk of injury, while increasing productivity and efficiency. The cart accommodates any size countertop up to 1,000 lb. The cart can be used to lower, lift, and roll extremely large pieces around the shop and install location, as well as assist with final countertop placement. The power lift feature elevates stone up to 45" from ground to support rail, and enables controlled tilting for easier, less hazardous installation. The cart features a strong aluminum frame, yet only weighs 74 pounds for convenient transport and storage. The Pro-Lift is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable tool battery, controlled via wireless remote, and has an integrated level, stone clamp, and kickbrake for added safety. The cart also features 10" shock-absorbing, non-marking, flat-free tires. Every aspect of this cart has been designed with safety, ease, and convenience in mind, to provide immeasurable benefit to small and large fabrication shops.

A note from the Omni Cubed Team: As increasing the safety for installation crews (and minimizing back injuries) is becoming of paramount importance for fabrication companies, we expect the Pro-Lift will be a welcome and timely addition to your team. We have put our hearts and countless hours over the past few years into the engineering and development of every aspect of this cart to ensure it meets our high standards and the installer's needs, and we are excited to now provide the Pro-Lift to our industry. As usual, we always welcome feedback on our products and would love to hear about your experience with the Pro-Lift.

Currently available in the USA, Canada, and Europe.


  • Reduce physical strain and risk of injury
  • Accomplish more with less people
  • Safely lower, transport, and lift large slabs
  • Enables controlled tilt for easier countertop installation
  • Wireless remote allows workers to position themselves in safer areas around the stone
  • Commonly used with Aqua-Jaw™ Carry Vise™ for optimal material control
  • Unload slabs easier, safer, and faster than traditional methods
  • Engineered for optimum stability and maneuverability
  • Lift stone up to 45" (from ground to support rail)
  • Clamp opening: 4.5" (115 mm)
  • Powered by 28V rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 1,000 lb capacity; weighs only 74 lb
  • 10" non-marking, flat-free, shock absorbing tires
  • Integrated remote storage cage, level, and kickbrake


Product Name Pro-Lift Automatic
Part # PLA-140
Includes One cart with holding clamp, wireless remote with two AAA batteries and safety lanyard, lithium-ion battery, battery charger
Product Dimensions 40.5" x 18" x 62.5"
Product Weight 74.0 lb
Package Dimensions 43" x 20" x 68" (pallet)
Shipping Weight 125 lb (on pallet)
Rated Capacity 1,000 lb*
Clamping Range Max Opening: 115 mm (4.5 in.)
Batteries Cart powered by 28 volt lithium-ion rechargeable tool battery pack (Milwaukee M28™ model); remote control operates on two AAA batteries (included)
Disclaimer *Although this product has been rated at 1,000 pounds, very tall and heavy pieces will be unstable and the utmost care must be taken to maintain safety. Read and understand all warnings, cautions, and instructions before using the Pro-Lift Automatic.
Materials Square tube aluminum framework; machined billet aluminum tightening handle; stainless steel clamp shafts; PVC clamping pad; hard rubber padding strips on support rails; stainless steel and zinc plated steel hardware; 10" closed-cell polyurethane tires (flat-free, non-marking)
Notes Currently available in the USA, Canada, and Europe only.
Other Specs 45" from support rail surface to the ground (fully elevated); 8" from support rail surface to the ground (lowered); 18" width at outside of tires