Omni Cubed S3 Frame Cart AT for moving granite and other heavy material with a lifting capacity 750 lbs and weighs less than 65 lbs

  • Easily and safely transports large format thin material (LFTM)
  • Integrated turnbuckle system creates a rigid attachment between S3 | Slim Slab Saver frame and S3 | Frame Cart AT
  • Reduces strain and risk of injury
  • Adjustable wheelbase to match stair tread depth
  • Quickly folds down to 12" wide for easy storage between jobs
  • Wooden cargo deck holds essential equipment during transport
  • 8" non-marking, flat-free, shock absorbing tires
  • 750 lb capacity, weighs less than 65 lb

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThe S3 | Frame Cart AT is designed to work hand in hand with the S3 | Slim Slab Saver frame (Kickstand Kit accessory required) to overcome the challenges of moving large format thin material (LFTM) pieces over long distances and through rough terrain. The integrated turnbuckle system creates a rigid attachment between the frame holding the material, and the cart. Featuring 8" non-marking, flat-free, and shock absorbing tires, and an adjustable wheelbase, the cart helps workers overcome the challenges of moving material over curbs, stairs, and other rough terrain such as gravel or lawns. Take fewer trips and free up more hands by using the cargo deck for carrying tools, buckets, bags of mortar, and any other equipment needed. When the job is done, the cart folds together for easy storage in a truck or van. From fabrication to the final jobsite, the S3 | Frame Cart AT saves your material, your back, and your time.S3 | Frame Cart AT Replacement Parts


Product Name S3 | Frame Cart AT
Part # S3-FCAT-21
Patents Applicable Patents
Includes One cart with four turnbuckles, four S3 attachment brackets and two wooden cargo decks
Product Dimensions 59" x 22.5" x 14"
Product Weight 62 lb
Package Dimensions 79" x 13.5" x 13.5"
Shipping Weight 70 lb
Rated Capacity 750 lb
Materials Plated steel, stainless steel, PVC plastic, 8" closed-cell polyurethane tires (flat-free and non-marking) and wood