Largest all-purpose industrial-grade plastic shelving system in the industry. Our unique leg stacker system lets you choose whether to build up, out our both.

Our rigid high-density polyethylene panels are a stout 2-5/8" thick with a grid top that allows liquids to flow through, promotes air circulation and prevents dust build up. Optional drip trays available for containment applications, contact factory. The entire system is chemically resistant, making it an ideal choice for HAZMAT storage or any other applications, corrosive or not.

Plastic Bulk Shelving & Storage

Model Image PDFs # Of
Shelf Size
PBSS-3616-3 Warranty PDF 3 36"x16" 51" 500 35
PBSS-3624-3 Warranty PDF 3 36"x24" 51" 750 41
PBSS-6624-3 Warranty PDF 3 66"x24" 51" 1,390 64
PBSS-9624-3 Warranty PDF 3 96"x24" 51" 2,025 102
PBSS-3616-4 Warranty PDF 4 36"x16" 75" 675 48
PBSS-3624-4 Warranty PDF 4 36"x24" 75" 1,000 56
PBSS-6624-4 Warranty PDF 4 66"x24" 75" 1,850 88
PBSS-9624-4 Warranty PDF 4 96"x24" 75" 2,700 139

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All measurements are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.


Optional Plastic Shelf Containment Trays

Model Image Color Description Wt.
PBSS-BKTRY Black General Storage 1
PBSS-RDTRY Red Flammables 1
PBSS-BLTRY Blue Health Hazards/Toxics 1
PBSS-YLTRY Yellow Reactives/Oxidizers 1
PBSS-WTTRY White Contact Hazards 1