Porcelain Package 2: Precision Tools for Superior Results.

Upgrade your porcelain projects with our comprehensive Porcelain Package 2. This kit includes essential tools for accurate cutting, polishing, and sealing:

  • Diaplus 10 Inch Blade: Perfect for Porcelain and Marble
    • High diamond concentration for minimal chipping
    • Fast cutting speed reduces work time
    • Premium bond with top-quality diamonds
    • Cooling slots on blade's core
    • Segment Height: 10mm
    • Made in Korea
  • Diaplus Thin Porcelain Blade (5 Inches, 3 Pack): Precision Cutting
    • 10mm Segment Height
    • Thin Mesh Rim for Chip-Free Cuts
    • Premium Diamond for Superior Performance
    • Made in Korea
  • Thin Wall Core Bit (1-3/8 and 1-1/4): Versatile Cutting
    • Fast, Chip-Free Cutting
    • Ideal for Porcelain, Natural, and Engineered Stone
  • Porcelain Plus Sealer: Long-Lasting Protection
    • Seals Micro Pores in Polished Porcelain and Quartz
    • Creates a Strong Molecular Bond
    • Permanent, Repels Oil and Water-Based Stains
    • Suitable for Residential and Commercial Use
    • 10-Year Performance Warranty

Elevate your porcelain projects with the advanced tools of Porcelain Package 2. Achieve precision and durability in every step.