Tool Package for Porcelain Stone

  1. Porcelain Cream
  2. Thin Wall Core Bit - 1-3/8" & 1-1/4"
  3. Mesh Blades - 5" (5 Pack)
  4. Cone Bits - 1-3/8" & 2"
  5. Milling Bits. - 3/8" & 1"
  6. Core Bit Water Ring

Porcelain Restoration Cream

Porcelain Restoration Cream is a specific cream for the recovery of defects on surfaces in full-body polished stoneware, lapped stoneware and glazed surfaces in general.

Thin Wall Core Bit - 1-3/8'

Thin Wall Core Drill Bit for smooth chip free coring of porcelain, natural stone, engineered stone, granite, and more

Dia Plus Thin Turbo - 4.5 Inch

Diamond Blade for supreme chip free cutting of tile and porcelain

Mesh Rim Blade - 4.5" 

Mesh Porcelain Tile Blade (Super Premium) for cutting porcelain tile, marble, dekton, and engineered stone.

Cone Bits

A premium diamond milling tool for enhancing, polishing, and chamfering pre-existing holes.

Milling Bits 

A diamond finger bit milling tool for use on tile, stone, and countertops.

Core Bit Water Ring -  Suction Cup for Water Ring