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Porcelain Tools Package Sale: Blades, Pads, Bits, and Sealers

Discover our comprehensive Porcelain Tools Package, tailored for your needs:

  • Silencer III for Porcelain/Crystallized Glass - 16 Inch: Engineered for precision, the Alpha Silencer III is your solution for flawless cuts in porcelain and crystallized glass. This technologically advanced bridge saw blade delivers reduced noise levels while maintaining superior cost performance. Its unique core construction dissipates noise, making it ideal for various shop sizes. With a 60mm arbor, adaptable to 50mm, this blade offers efficient cutting and comes with a lifetime re-tipping service.
  • Diaplus Thin Turbo Diamond Blade - 4.5 Inch: Experience safety and efficiency with this super thin turbo diamond blade. Crafted for porcelain tile and tile saws, it provides clean, chip-free cuts. Offering exceptional quality at an economic price, it's engineered for optimal life on porcelain, tile, and medium-hard stone.
  • Diamond Thin Wall Turbo Hole Saw - 1 3/8 Inch: Efficiently cut ceramic tile, porcelain, granite, and more with this versatile hole saw. Whether wet or dry cutting, its cooling holes ensure precision and durability. With varying specifications, this tool is your solution for accurate hole cutting.
  • Diamond Polishing Pads - Set of 7: Elevate your polishing with our high-performance pads engineered for marble, granite, and various stone types. The unmatched diamond concentration ensures efficient use, reducing polishing time while delivering remarkable results. Achieve a premium wet polish effortlessly.
  • Porcelain Plus Premium Porcelain and Quartz Sealer (quart): Introducing PORCELAIN PLUS, the ultimate impregnating sealer designed for porcelain and quartz surfaces. Harnessing nano-sized sealing molecules, it fills micro pores in polished surfaces. This easy-to-use, non-film forming sealer is tailored for low absorption rates, preserving the integrity of your surfaces.

Upgrade your porcelain projects with our premium tools and accessories. Enhance your cutting, polishing, and sealing processes with efficiency and precision.