• NEW 3-speed motor maintains higher speeds to handle a wider range of materials
  • Large batch capacity: mix up to 6 bags (23 gallons/350 lbs.) of self-levelers
  • Replaceable liners increase productivity and eliminate cross-contamination
  • Reduce labor costs by up to 86% AND increase output by up to 11x when used with a Pelican Transport Cart

Deal for Mixing Compounds, including:

Self-Leveling Over/Underlayments • Engineered Concrete • Cement Screeds

Sealants • Adhesives • Resins • Epoxies • Textured Coatings • Slurries

Cementitious Urethane • Pre-Tinted Material • other Self-Leveling Compounds

Power (110 V) 20 Amp (2300 W)
3-Speeds 175 /300 / 430 RPM
Bucket Capacity 23 Gal / 6 bags (50 Lb) / 350 Lbs*
86 L /  6 bags (22 Kg) / 160 Kg
Width 23-3/4"
Transport Height 48"
Tilting Cradle Balanced For Easy Operation
Weight 109 lbs
* 220 Volt & Air-Powered Models Available

Standard Equipment includes:

Mixing motor (PH 2516 R), bucket, removable liner (PH705), canister cover with hinged lid (PH718) and 2 paddles ­– TW225 for half batches (2-3 bags) and TW225D for full batches (4-6 bags)

*Less material recommended for optimal performance with use of heavier aggregate and thicker flowable material

The MEGA HIPPO® is supplied with two 9" dia. mixing paddles:

The 9" wide helix and side bars lift and shear the product quickly and efficiently to produce an excellent mix consistency and thorough mixing of colors and additives. The paddle's large 9" diameter provides increased peripheral speed which eliminates the need for high-RPM mixing and helps to prevent flash curing.

Order No. TW225 – for half batches (2-3 bags); 9" dia. x 27" long. For plasters, concrete, mortars, resins and tile adhesives. 8" long helix and side bars.

Order No. TW225D – for full batches (4-6 bags); 9" dia. x 27" long. For self-leveling compounds, screeds, paints, plasters and epoxy. 15" long helix and side bars.