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STAIN-PROOF® Premium Waterborne Impregnating Sealer, formerly known as STAIN-PROOF WATERBORNE™, is a premium water-based sealing technology designed to seal a range of stone and masonry surfaces, including granite, travertine, limestone and marble.

Premium Waterborne Impregnating Sealer protects against staining from oils and other contaminants and provides long-lasting water repellency. Treated surfaces retain breathability, existing color and finish - surfaces are also easier to clean. For indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial use.

Typical Applications

Premium Waterborne Impregnating Sealer can be used for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications in residential and commercial buildings, including: building facades, floors, walls, showers, swimming pool surrounds, patios, garages, kitchens and entertaining areas.


  • Short dwell time for quicker application. 
  • Permanent oil and water repellency for stain protection. Chemically bonds to substrate. 
  • Superior penetration, breathability, and alkali resistance. 
  • Treated surfaces are easier to clean. Suitable for indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial use. 


*A 10-YEAR PERFORMANCE WARRANTY is offered when product applied by an Accredited Applicator following our written instructions and surface is maintained regularly using our written maintenance system, as outlined in our warranty document. Spills should still be cleaned up immediately to minimize absorption. 

VOC Content


Pack Size

32 fl OZ/.95L | 180112

1 Gallon/3.79 L | 180133 

How To Use

  1. TEST PRODUCT ON A SMALL, INCONSPICUOUS AREA FIRST. Allow a 24-hour cure time to determine the ease of application and desired results 

  2. DO NOT thin product. 
  3. Apply Premium Waterborne Impregnating Sealer using a lambswool or microfiber applicator, foam roller or a HLVP Hand Pump Style sprayer. 
  4. Remove ALL excess product after 5 minutes or as you see sealer soak into substrate. Failure to remove excess will result in a white haze that is difficult to remove. 
  5. If applying a second coat wait 30 minutes after applying first coat. 
  6. Avoid contact with surrounding areas. Total application rate is approximately one quart per 20 to 150 sq. ft. (one liter per 2 to 15 sqm), depending on surface absorption. See coverage guide on our website. 
  7. Thoroughly remove ALL excess sealer on the surface with clean, dry, white cloths, towels no longer than 5 minutes after application. Do not allow sealer to dry on surface. 
  8. Use water to clean equipment 

PRECAUTIONS: Apply when surface temperature is between 5 - 35°C (40 - 95°F). Avoid moisture contact with the surface for 24 hours after application. 

NOTE: Sealer will NOT prevent surface etching, scuff marks or wear. Spills should be cleaned up immediately to minimize absorption. 

Premium Waterborne Impregnating Sealer Downloads

Brochures and Specsheets


Sealer Application Rates

Indoor and Outdoor Maintenance

Porosity Chart

Stain Proof Line Card

Waterborne Sell Sheet

General Surface Maintenance Guide

STAIN-PROOF has produced a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide to maintaining your sealed (or unsealed) porous surface, including stone surfaces. 

STAIN-PROOF Surface Maintenance Guide is divided into clear sections for easy use - indoor and out door surfaces, horizontal and vertical surfaces, heavy duty cleaning, light regular cleaning, stain removal and tackling special problems such as salt efflorescence and grout haze.

See our Surface Maintenance Guide


Safety Data Sheets

Premium Waterborne Impregnating Sealer SDS (USA)