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PRO36 Pro Trowel

4-blade,36"Honda,GX270,8.5 HP, Min 60-130 Max RPM blade speed.

MQ Whiteman Pro Trowels, available in 36" and 46" diameters, redefine the capabilities of walk-behind concrete finishers. A unique design, featuring an integrated boom enables application of a broom or fresno finish during the final trowel pass. It is ideally suited for parking structures, multi-story projects and jobs that do not require a burnished surface.

  • Reduces the amount of labor and time required to complete the job.
  • Mechanical boom has 180° range of lateral motion
  • Fresno blade and broom attachments easily adjusted from the operator's position.
  • Innovative linkage allows the operator to adjust engine throttle with either his left or right hand for convenience.
  • Advanced friction clutch stops the unit within a quarter of a turn if the operator releases the handle at full RPM
  • Proven gearboxes deliver years of trouble-fee operation.
  • 4-blade spider assembly features economically replaceable wear parts that reduce maintenance costs over the life of the machine.
  • Variable blade pitch adjustment uses a standard knob-type control

Unit Specifications
Clutch Type Friction type clutch system
No. of Blades 4
Ring Diameter 36 in 914 mm
Rotor Speed Min 60-130 Max RPM
Notes:Operating weight- 301 lbs.(137kg)
Notice: Features and equipment specifications are subject to change without notice.