Replacement Parts for A Frame Transport Carts

Replacement Poles

Weha USA Stocks the full line of replacement parts for the Weha Single Sided and Double Sided Transport A Frame Carts.

Weha offers 3 different lengths of Replacement Upright Poles. It seems that these upright poles just fly out of the back of the truck or get left on the job site.

Weha also offers 2 different types of Replacement Rubber for the Weha Transport A Frame carts. Black and White

And Weha offers the Blue Replacement Strap, Buckle, and Brass hook that goes at the end of the replacement uprights.

Weha Replacement Rubber for Transport Racks - White

Weha replacement rubber for the Weha transport A-frames are super easy to exchange.

Simply pull out the used, worn rubber and snap the new rubber in place.

Weha Replacement Rubber for the Weha Transport A Frame Racks are sold by the linear foot.

Simply calculate the total number of feet that needs to be replaced.

Weha will ship you a continuous roll based upon the number of feet you need.

Then cut to specific length during installation.
Doesn't leave spots/marks on stone
Excellent for engineered stone, composite materials, marbles (especially white or light colored stone), all granites

See below for the complete Replacement Rubber for Individual Weha Transport Carts. Both Single Sided and Double Sided Weha Transport Racks.
See which Weha Transport Rack you have and enter the number of linear feet into the quantity above and then add to cart.

Part # Description Total Linear Ft
8010480 Weha Small A Frame Transport Cart Double Sided 73 Ft
122203 Weha Medium A Frame Transport Cart Double Sided 112 Ft
8010484 Weha Large A Frame Transport Cart Double Sided 132 Ft
8010483 Weha Single Sided A Frame Cart 48 Ft
800002 Weha X-Large Single Sided A Frame Cart-Tall 81 Ft

Weha Replacement Strap For Transport A Frames - Blue

Weha replacement strap and buckle for the Weha A-frame transport cart uprights.

Comes with: Strap, Brass Hook & Metal Buckle

Weight less than pound

Length of strap 32"

Overall length including hook 34"

Strap width 1"