The Rock Lifter Grapple is a Rock Grabber Attachment that makes moving and setting large rocks and boulders a snap

Product Code: ARL-800

Rock Lifter Grapple is also available in:

Rock Lifter Grapple ARL-1200


This boulder and stone grapple is designed for the landscape contractor, stonemason, or anyone else who works regularly with rocks and boulders. The Rock Lifter Grapple is a efficient solution to work faster, better and with less labor.


  • High tensile steel welded construction.
  • Simple and reliable operation with minimal maintenance.
  • A safer and easy way to move large rocks.
  • Suitable for handling boulders and stones of almost all shapes.
  • The greater the weight the harder the tongs grip.
  • An actuator allows the clamp to grab and release automatically during each cycle.


 Model Metric (mm-kg) Imperial (inch-lb)
Working load limit 750 1653
Grip range 350 - 800 14" - 31"
Net weight 119 262
Gross weight 132 291
Packaging dimensions 1200x560x1090 47.2"x22"x42.9"