The Grout Grabber - Simple and Fast Dirty Grout Cleaning Tool

Accommodates joint sizes 1/8" to just over 1/2". Fits the most Reciprocating Saws and Sawzalls. Reciprocating Action - results in extremely little dust during operation. Carbide grit for long blade life

Many homeowners opt to clean their grout when they're really looking for an sensible solution for replacing it entirely. Cleaning your grout simply cleans your dirty grout and leaves you with the same color as you started with; tinting your grout often leaves you with something that's only closer to your desired tint. This often leaves us with the undesirable option of pulling out the standard grout saw and using brute force to grind the grout out to start anew.

If you have you ever tried removing grout with a standard hand grout saw you'll already know that there's no need for that gym membership, removing grout the "old school" way will, without-a-doubt, leave you feeling-the-burn from a full workout. When using the Grout Grabber, you'll be forced to keep your membership as this tool is designed to take the workout out of grout removal!

The Grout Grabber® is more than just a grout tool, some consider this an amazing piece of equipment that accommodates any joint size from 1/8th to just over 1/2-inch by simply adding or subtracting replacement blades. Each additional blade excavates additional width of 1/16-inch. Never before has grout removal been this easy, inexpensive and with as little dust.

The Grout Grabber® fits in most common reciprocating saws or sawzall using the sawing action to remove grout quickly. The blade's unique curved bottom easily gets the blades started in the joint. The special carbide grit helps ensure longer blade life.

It's great on floors, walls, counter tops; anywhere where there's tile or stone. Whether you are doing total re-grouts because your grout is cracked or damaged or simply desire to change the color, the Grout Grabber® is the tool to have.

This tool also performs as a repair tool for making a relief cut to chisel out cracked or broken tile.

The Grout Grabber Kit includes

(1) Grout Grabber Saw Adapter Plate
(1) Grout Grabber Blade
(1) Allen wrench


  • Accommodates joint sizes 1/8" to 1/2"
  • Fits the most common Reciprocating Saws and Sawzalls
  • Reciprocating Action - results in extremely little dust during operation
  • Carbide grit for long blade life

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