RTC Razor Pro 26" Push Tile Cutter (18 Inches Diagonal Cut)

The RTC Razor Pro combines multiple elements of European technology. You want the best of the best? Here it is! The unique cutting head sports 11 internal ball bearings for a smooth, precise movement across the rail. A rear mounted scoring wheel improves vision of the score line all the way through the cut. The cantilever breaking design applies greater force with less effort, reducing material damage when engaging.


  • Unique cutting head houses 11 ball bearings
  • 22mm scoring wheel works well on a variety of surfaces including textured tile
  • Cantilever breaking system makes snapping tile easy
  • Single steel bar for incredible precision
  • Spring loaded tables reduce impact
  • Fold out support arms on each side support large and heavy material

  • 22" (57cm) Cuts 15" tile diagonally
  • 26" (68cm) Cuts 18" tile diagonally
  • 31" (80cm) Cuts 22" tile diagonally
  • 35" (90cm) Cuts 24" tile diagonally
  • 52" (130cm) Cuts 36" tile diagonally

Customer Reviews

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Cuts real easy! I used it to cut glass tile for our back splash, and it cut great. I used a narrow tile, and the rip cut was hard with this cutter, so we had to use a wet saw for all the rips. In general, all the cuts we made with this snap cutter were very clean. This cutter is a time saver.