Newly reformulated with more aluminum oxide to unleash the best cutting ability. For diamond blades, hole saws, core bits, grinding wheels, and more!

News Flash: Diamond Blades and Bits ain't cheap!

Protect your investment and maximize your Diamond Blade's lifespan and cutting quality by redressing them periodically with a RTC Products "Rockin Red" Dressing Stone!

RTC's "Rockin Red" Dressing Stone will unleash the potential of all your diamond cutting tools like:

  • Wet blades
  • Dry blades
  • Hole saws
  • Core bits
  • Grinding wheels, etc.

The 21st-century technology grit is a miracle of space-age science. Dressing stones have been around since there were rocks, but you've NEVER seen anything like this! The RTC "Rockin Red" Dressing Stone is a SMART and INEXPENSIVE way to maximize your diamond tool investment! Available for distributors in 12pc. counter display.


  • Specially Formatted Grit to unleash the best cutting ability
  • For diamond blades AND diamond bits
  • LxWxH (inches) = 4 x 2 x 1

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Best dressing stones I’ve used